Moderated "dedicated color custom"

Hello everyone, this is a recent change of brake.

Immediately but personal news!

I used to use a skid -made brake, so I didn't have such a commitment to the brake until now, but I want to wear cool anyway?

That's why I bought a Paul "Love Lever" and the caliper was ONE BY ESU "Light -on -Brake More". smile

It is like this!

how is it?

Isn't it cool?

The tension rises too much, and it is uselessly ticking during the waiting for the traffic light. smile

I regretted that I should have changed it sooner.

Well, it's a word of "best" for rabbits and horns.


By the way, the next custom is planning to replace it when Chris King's head parts are available, but when is this?

I will wait patiently. smile


And the introduction is about this

"Leader® 735TR", which is a signboard product of BROTURES, is custom this time!

Leader® 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 203,500-tax included

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The "T3" and "SHRED88" carbon wheels, which can be said to be the symbol of "King of Street", are set up before and after.

By the way, the front tire is TUFO's caribula, and the rear is Continental's GP5000 (side wall)!

Put a similar color "Brotures Mini De Char" on the seat stay for a little accent.

I personally like this casual feeling.

Other parts are genuine, but that's all.

How about that?

If you look again like this

I wonder if white is easier to do if you want to finish fashionably with color custom. smile

I introduced it quickly

Not only white, but also black can be selected relatively, so please feel free to contact us if you are considering it!




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