Goodbye, all Vigolelli Steel.

I feel something arbitrary in Typhoon No. 14's career.

Apparently, Miya is unable to hide the surprise of the edgy movement that does not seem to be a typhoon.

By the way, in the Matrix trilogy, the prophet (Oracle) says:

Everything with the beginning is over"and.
(It seems that you are currently making a new work)

It seems to be a matter of course, it is a deep line.

This world, people, things, which are currently in front of you
A word that will make you recognize again that it will end (disappear) someday.

Speaking more, the universe and planets will disappear someday and disappear, so
It's not a separate story.

But there is a frame I want to introduce again here.


I received an order for the truck frame of Chineri, Vigoleristir.

The collaboration with Mash was also thriving, so the brand "CINELLI" has many fans.

Above all, this VIGORELLI STEEL,
Geometry adopts unusual sloping shape for truck frames (fixie bikes).
The tube uses a colon bus steel for a large diameter (excellent in vibration absorption).
Nevertheless, the fork is made of full carbon,
A high -spec frame with excellent acceleration and outstanding riding feel.

While having such a multifaceted element, frame set 10,5000 (excluding tax)
Miracle conscientious price setting is also very attractive. (It can be said that it is even a devil)

Anyway, let's look at the contents of this order.

CINELLI Vai Alu Handlebar ¥ 6,050 (TAX IN)

CINELLI ALU STEM ¥ 4,400 (Tax in)

Around the handle is the VAI series that is happy with the brand's conscientious price.
After all, if you match it with the brand, you will have a sense of unity that there is no more ◎

GOOD YEAR EAGLE F1 Clincher ¥ 7,700 (Tax IN)

Roll the front and rear tires well and choose a lightweight EAGLE F1.
I use it for the front desk now, but it's surprisingly high cushioning.
The specifications are origami because Leader's 735TR is also standard equipment.

SHIMANO 105 BR-R7000 BRAKE SET ¥ 9,981 (TAX IN)

The brake is 105 of SHIMANO.

Rose -complete order, price low. When it comes to this, it's definitely this guy.
We provide a brake touch that is not proportional to the price.


SUGINO SG75 NJS BB ¥ 21,670 (Tax IN)

Crank, BB is SG75.
Until the end, I was worried about DD2, but eventually, it was a smoother rotation.
I chose a square taper.

The rotationalness of this depends on the mechanic skill, so it is the most important part of assembling.
On the other hand, it is the most fun part of touching, so I am really grateful to have such an order.
Thank you.


If you don't have any hope, the chain ring is often 49t.
This time it is 50t soberly.

Actually, the customer who received the order this time has a strong brown skin, and (from a foreign country)
The gear ratio, which is a little heavier than usual, may be more responsive to the strong hamstrings.

Thomson Elite SeatPost Strait ¥ 12,100 (Tax IN)

The seat post was silver according to the crank.
It was the timing of the arrival after a long time, but it is good luck to stop it.
I don't say that I do it every day, but I think it's important to meet.

As mentioned above, the custom introduction is like this.

And it will return to the topic at the beginning,

"Cinelli, Truckline Production Ending Problem", which made the world a noise a while ago.
Unfortunately, this VIGORELLI STEEL will end with the current manufacturer's stock.

It has been quite a while since I announced "I'm gone!"
Already when I received this order

XS/470 → End of handling

S/500 → End of handling

M/530 → In stock

L/560 → In stock.

That was the situation.

Slow, but steadily expanding signs of sold out.

It's sad that it's gone, but it's a good frame, so
I want to sell pounding and have flowers at the end
I also want as many people as possible to enjoy the splendor of this frame.

If you are considering purchasing in the frame size above,
Needless to say, now is the time of buying.

Goodbye, all Vigoleristir.


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