What is a recommended piste bike for spring?

Hello, this is Kazama. In the Kanto region, it is the first low temperature in 48 years. The snow that has fallen the other day does not melt. However, there is no winter that does not dawn so that there is no dull rain. Let's increase motivation according to the spring cycling season. Recently, in order to make a new spring life in stores and inquiries"go to work"or"Wrap school"The number of consultations on the premise of use has increased. I think it's definitely a sense to choose a piste bike that is hard to break, light, and is relatively easy to maintain because it is used every day. If you get used to the fixie bike from the beginning of February, you will be able to get rid of it in the spring. So on today's blog, you can get the best now"Pist bike recommended for commuting and school"I will introduce two cars.

Localbikes "elysian"/¥ 49,800- (excluding tax)

* The price is until the end of January, and after the campaign is over,¥ 69,800- (excluding tax)It will be provided by. The first is the United States, the West Coast California, from La's fixie bike"Elysian"Introduction.
This motorcycle was made from the rider's perspective to the last. The evaluation is not low among Brotures staff. As you may know, if you are looking for it until the end of JanuaryDiscount of 20,000 yen from the regular priceIt can be provided by the amount you did. New life with various expenses"I want to start a fixie bike with a low budget as much as possible ..."I think it is perfect for users. Of course, it is excellent as a custom base. You can attach a kick stand, or even if you attach a carrier or basket, you can get the originality.
Thousands of yenPlease feel free to tell us that there are many parts that can be customized. When using a motorcycle loan (for 12 payments)

Leaderbikes Cure/¥ 90,000- (excluding tax)
* The price is until the end of January, and after the campaign is over,¥ 100,000- (excluding tax)It will be provided by. And the second one is a piste (downward) of the BROTURES staff (downward), which is called the entry model."CURE" It was released just the other day and already sold"Kagero"This model has inherited the frame geometry and realizes it at low cost. It's a good time to get a completed car with a pashute frame for less than 100,000 yen. It is one that is one of the best and BROTURES. When using a motorcycle loan (when paying 24 times)

Currently, we have outlet bikes and used motorcycles in addition to the two piste bikes introduced above, Kichijoji store. Please feel free to contact us first because we will provide one of your favorite ones. Then we are waiting at the store today! Kazama 《Outlet/USED mail order site PEN !!》
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