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One of the parts that cannot be removed when talking about a fixie bikewheel The rider's personality and how to ride are important parts that control the entire image of the fist. Complete group wheels, hand -set wheels, or carbon wheels. I think there are many options depending on the manufacturer and how to assemble it. So today we introduce a custom 735TR like BROTURES.

Leaderbikes 735TR W/Shred88 Custom

Custom Order/¥ 299,000- (excluding tax) The selection of the front and rear wheels this time was just before the arrival"BROTURES SHRED88"
F/¥ 55,000- R/¥ 59,000- set/¥ 114,000- Currently, if the number is slightly, there is stock in the storeUnder reservationsIt is, and the delivery isThe end of this month to the beginning of AprilWe are planning to do so. We have already received many reservations at each store, and if you are sure to get it, you need to make a reservation. I have seen various custom 735TRs so far, but the compatibility between the thick down tube and the SHRED88 is outstanding.
If you ride in the city where you live, the profound and different looks will surely attract a lot of eyes. "All black"Is it only me who thinks 735TR is cool if you assemble?
This custom bikeBike loanYou can use it wisely by using it. ■ When using a motorcycle loan
"Monthly/less than 5,000 yen"You can put it out even if you pay. You can set the monthly payment amount freely, so please feel free to contact the store staff. Since the set of money or more and collective payments are also possible, there is a tendency that summer bonus payments are recently recent. At BROTURES, we offer a wide range of orders from normal completed vehicles to full custom completed vehicles. The conditions start with the budget, and consult with the color, size, ride comfort, and details. We will do our best to provide your own special one, so please feel free to consult us. From this spring, why don't you get a healthy pistol life from the stress of commuting rush and traffic congestion? Then we are waiting at the store! Fleet When purchasing/making a reservation, please use the following template to contact us or call directly to the store.
■ Wanted car type brand: model: Color: size: ■ Hope custom ■ Delivery method (store / shipping) ■ Name ■ Address ■ Contact information
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