Dosnoventa wants to assemble it in a hard...

DOSNOVENTA is just before the stock. Actually, there is only one VENICE BEACH frame. Today, I used this last one to build a custom bike a little earlier before restoration. DOSNOVENTA LOSANGELS "Venice Beach" Frame Set ¥ 149,000- (+Tax) Complete ¥ 249,000- (+Tax) Speaking of Dosnoventa, it is often assembled from its colorful frame design. just! I want to make a hard group! ! No decoration. Street street. Tough everywhere and is simpler above all. Leave all the cool elements of the design and all the cool elements to Dosnoventa. smile The clumsiness is pure, and it makes you feel a mysterious strength. That should be it. All of the parts selected this time are durable, accurate, and selected from riders. Philwood, Thomson, Omnium, Easton ... These aren't sick, and it's just something that keeps the condition. I want you to get on a good bicycle, so you can get along as long as possible. In that case, the simple bike will not get tired after all, and the attachment is strong. Handle: Thomson Alloy Round Profile Road Handlebar Stem: Thomson X2 Seat post: Thomson Elite Saddle: Fizik Arione Classic Crank: SRAM OMNIUM Wheel: Easton R90 SL RIM x PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Custom Wheel A vehicle that is easily peeled off from everyday life is a fixie bike. When I assembled such a piste realistically and solidly, it was finished in such a bike. It's just like an ark who takes you from everyday to extraordinary. Hard Dosnoventa, isn't it bad? TOSHI
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