Please be careful not to overdo it.

Today, I decided to build a lightweight custom of Kagero, so it looks like this. To be honest, I tried to assemble with a feeling, but I was surprised when it was completed.
Aluminum frame 6.18kg is quite good ... That should be it. The 7046 aluminum used in Kagero has a characteristic of nearly twice the strength and a less than 20 % lightness compared to the 7000s aluminum material, which is the most popular 7005. For that reason, 7046 is more often compared to carbon material than aluminum, which is closer to carbon than aluminum. Tyrant Bikes Kagero It is the Yokohama store's treasured child wheel that matches such a lightweight kagero. It's light, turn well, and rolls well because it's a tuba. It is a pleasant wheel that it will not stop if you start running. The response of the rowing is also super quick, and the sense of growing to the top speed in no time is addictive. This time it is a riser bar with priority on operability, but that may be just right. Please experience the floating feeling of running as if floating from the ground. Frame: Tyrant Bikes Kagero Wheel: TNI ROAD 38 RIM x BROPHIL Classic Hub Custom Wheel Handle: TNI Carbon Riser Bar Stem:ZIPP Service Course SL Seat post:ZIPP Service Course SL Saddle: SELLE ITALIA FLITE Crank: Sugino 75 Depending on how you do it, the 5kg range is not a dream. If you are looking for a "super" lightweight fixie bike, Kagero is recommended. TOSHI
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