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Today we will introduce custom introduction of DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "VENICE BEACH"! ! Put the baton wheels on the front and finished it as a unique Lux! ! It is a classic classic custom, but it is this custom that you can get around! ! The cool things are cool no matter how long.
DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame Set ¥ 149,000 ( + Tax)/ COMPLETE ¥ 249,000 ( + tax) The frame is Italian handmade "VENICE BEACH"! ! "VENICE BEACH" using high -quality unique minium Columbus boasts lightweight and high rigidity! ! The fork is equipped with a full carbon as standard, making it a quick handling! ! Los Angeles, which is the successor to Dosnoventa Houston, has a beautiful horizontal.
HED H3 Plus ¥ 197,800 ( + tax) If you start riding a fix, everyone will long for a baton wheel! ! This time, install Top of Baton Wheel HED H3 Pulsu! ! HED is a well -known carbon wheel maker. Here is a proven track record in the Olympics and the race! ! The quality is definitely! !
SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET ¥ 31,400 ( + Tax) A year ago, if you say a direct crank of the fixie, you can choose OMIUM. It is a direct crank, which is no longer rare among the fixes bikes, but this OMNIUM !! Its popularity is still alive. After all it is in good shape! ! If you get lost in choosing a crank, SRAM OMNIUM! !
STANS GRAIL MK3 X PHILWOOD × BROTURES Classic Track Hub Rear Black ¥ 55,200 ( + tax) Click here for the rear wheel! ! It looks simple, but it's definitely a good guy. The number of spokes is 24, which is smaller than usual, and it is balanced to achieve lightness! ! I choose HUB with PHILWOOD and BROTURES double name Hub! ! It is a ◎ one with both looks rotation! ! This time, it was a fairly classic custom, and I decided to decide cool like a fix! ! I introduce various customs, but I will decide on any parts. LOS Angeles "Venice Beach" is a serious and nostalgic frame! ! I'm going to assemble this. It's interesting to imagine! ! Delusion is free. smile YOSHIE
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