Color rim around! !

Today is a custom introduction of Leader Bikes 721TR! ! Recently, it is a custom vehicle that is often cut off with black parts, Today is a custom using a nostalgic color rim! !
LEADER BIKES 721TR COMPLETE BIKES ¥ 100,000 ( + Tax) The body of the bass has a choice of 721TR! ! Recommended body for the first fabric from a relatively reasonable price range! ! A horizontal frame without habit is attractive! !
H PULS SON SL-42XFORMULA Ball Ball Bearing Set ¥ 39,900 ( + Tax) It's a pretty nostalgic custom! ! It is a wheel that I rarely see recently I guess it's time to go one more personally! ! It will be a good accent for a black body! ! I think that it is a car body that can be greatly transformed depending on the custom like this time! ! Don't lick it because it's a complete bike! ! It is good to buy a high -end complete bike, but it is also ant to grow a wallet -friendly 721TR! ! YOSHIE
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