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Today is a custom introduction of Leader Bikes 735TR! ! It is a body that is often finished firmly using carbon parts. This time, I finished it in a custom that is not like 735TR in a good way! !
LEADER BIKES 735TR BLACK COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 ( + Tax) Leader bikes high end 735TR Popular model with extremely thick down tube and compact geometry! ! This time, take advantage of that compact geometry An assemble where you can easily ride with a riser bar! !
Cinelli Pepper Riserbar ¥ 5,500 ( + Tax) The recent mainstream is a wide riser bar, but this time it is narrow and highly high! ! Personally, I feel a little inatai and riser like Pepper.
Encore Fixed Gear Wheel ¥ 50,000 ( + Tax) This time, I chose Blue's Encore! ! It is a recent custom that is often put together in the same color and often finished in all black. Custom is ten people! ! Ants are to add playfulness like this. Blue with a white body is a good accent! ! If you want to customize it Why don't you add the originality like this time, like this? ? YOSHIE
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