There is a custom immediate delivery!

I want a fixie, but I want to customize it from the beginning, but I want to keep my budget! Isn't there a person who has such a problem? For such people, it is recommended to customize with an entry model that can reduce your budget.
Leader Bikes Cure Custom Bike ¥ 156,500 (+Tax) The custom base was Leader Bike's entry model "Cure"
CURE's biggest feature is a pashute frame. The pashute frame with a top tube on the front is light and has a quick control. It is a model that is easy to handle even for those who are riding for the first time. This perfection is the entry model. Still, it is attractive to be able to start for 100,000 yen. And the custom is particularly popular among carbon wheels, Install BROTURES SHRED88.
BROTURES SHRED88 ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) The 88mm rim hat is outstanding. Looks, of course, weighing 960g. The speed is good, and the sound of cutting the wind when driving is refreshing. Equipped with VANS x CULT grip around the handle.
VANS x CULT grip ¥ 1,500 (+tax) Although it is a standard grip, I personally chose this color because VANS likes gum sole. The gripped feeling is like sticking to your hands, so it is easy to use with bare hands or gloves. By the way, even if you are not riding a bicycle, you often know about VANS. "There is something like this! ] Sometimes it becomes a hot topic between friends
If you reduce your budget and do custom, you can gradually get closer to the ideal you want to ride. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests! The body introduced this time is an instant car, so you can get back on that day. It can be purchased by mail order,Parts can be installed in installmentsbecame. If you are worried, the staff will answer your kindness, so please ask. And here is the breakdown of the loan you are interested in
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