The other day, we delivered a great CINELLI SHARK.

CINELLI VIGORELLI Shark Frame Set ¥ 125,000 (+Tax)

Recently, the original 5 -baton T5 has been released, but this time Made -in France, CORIMA The price is roughly three times that of T5. 。 。Basically, every brand of 5 batons jumps at the price at once. I tried the real thing for the first time. Did you just add three spokes? I thought it was a little blurred and voluminous. It also seemed to be rigid around the hub. AnywayYou will be wondering how good T5 is. T5 is also decreasing. If you are interested, be as soon as possible. CORIMA 5 Spokes HM ¥ 318,000- (+Tax)
CORIIMA disk wheels that use 763 of the Osaka store in the rear. 。 。 The top model of one rank. It is a type whose rigidity has been improved. This is the second time I received an order for disk wheels recently. The flow of the disk wheels may be coming a little. 。 。 ? smile Disc Carbon+ 2D ¥ 168,000- (+ Tax)
Carbon+is the landmark.

Handles, stems, and saddles are unified with perfect Cinelli. CINELLI BULLHORN ¥ 15,000- (+tax)
CINELLI NEOS STEM ¥ 12,800- (+Tax)
Cinelli Volare ¥ 14,800- (+Tax)
The brake caliper is a slightly rare TRP model. TRP R879 ¥ 25,000- (+tax)
To be honest, when I saw it in the catalog, I thought it was just a black brake, but when I looked at the real thing, The sharp details unique to the sharpening, the other"This is good"I tought.Caliper standing on TRPIt was an impression.
The rough part configuration looks like this. The crank is VISION, and the chain ring is custom for ZEN.I suppress the place to hold down, not only The fine parts are also high -spec. The customer's sense is noticeable. By the way, the total amount in this package is¥ 773,300- (+tax) "I'm going to do this with a shark ..." All the staff are stunned. I made a good thing. Thank you very much for your order! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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