To the worrisome thing.

It's not an exaggeration to say that there are three fixes. There are many customers who rush in because the rattling sounds are really worrisome. I can do it. Cog custom is the fastest way to solve it. However, it is important to note that the cog is not completely cured even if you improve the cog. It is not alternative to want to make all the driving lines (cheering, cog, chain, crank) good, but it is recommended for those who are quick. EURO-ASIA DELUXE COG ¥ 6,300-7,000 This is the model at the bottom of the three types. Even though the bottom model is made of iron, it is a highly cost -effective cog. The fixie is the most loaded because the chain keeps spinning. That's why I want you to use a strong and high -precision one. EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR COG ¥ 12,000 This is the middle model finished with chrome plating. Chrome plating is not rusted, has excellent corrosion resistance, and increases strength. It's a little expensive, but you will get more satisfied than the price. EURO-ASIA GOLD Medal ¥ 18,000 This is the top model with titanium coated. Titanium coating has dramatically improved the chain and accuracy. I use it, but it's non -stress! ! There is no sound at all. Recommended for those who want to pursue running. After all, we recommend EURO-ASIA, but for those who are worried about abnormal noise, we recommend the rank higher than Superstar. If you actually touch it by hand, you can see, but the smoothness of the finish is different. A cog that is perfect as a custom that can be adjusted with the adjustment of the gear ratio. It's just a first custom for those who just bought it and want to customize it soon. Cog, why not change it? Adatch
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