The remaining is a few white left.

I wrote about Mate yesterday, but this time I was about e-bike.

"SUPER73 SG-1" designed by a mini-bike that was popular in California in the 1970s

Thick tires with a sense of stability will keep an eye on the iconic frame like the motorcycle engine frame.

The driving mode isECO (Eco), TOUR (tour), Sport (sports)Three stages.

By pedaling, the motor in the rear wheel will assist you in the spin speed, so the slope is quite easy.

If you are traveling in Tokyo a lot, I think that there are many people who say "Eunzari on the slope", but this is a strong assist power and thick tires, so you can enjoy it and run around in Tokyo. smile

The steps and uneven roads are also handy. I don't care anything.

And since it is a block tire as standard, it is interesting to try off -road.

Just be careful about injuries, such as "falling" because the tension rises too much. smile

SUPER73 SG-1 WHITE ¥ 385,000-tax included

It's such an attractive "Super73"

At present, all blacks are sold out, including the manufacturer, and as in the title, there are only a few white.

If this is sold out, it will be one year later, so if you want to start this year, the last chance.

Please contact us as soon as possible.

In addition, the car is actually delivered"Limited to one"Because we are preparing it, it is a completely quick win.

We look forward to your consultation.

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