Find before you find it.

Recently, I am very interested in "Extra Dimension" and "5D".

Apparently, it looks like a mustache and a boy in the brain. This is Miya.

Well, today
About the necessity of riding safely and comfortably by bicycle.

Looking at data about bicycle accidents

・ Accident situation worst 1st place "Encounter"

・ Bicycle fatal accident situation worst "rear -end collision"

Well, just "I'm visible from the riders", whether it's forward or behind.
You can see that there are many accidents that cannot be avoided.

In addition, in the case of a bicycle movement in an urban area
The "number of times overtaking by a car" leads to a rear -end collision is more than 100 times per hour.

With this number, if you do a calculation to move by commuting 5 days a week
The number of times over the car in one month is over 4,000 times.

Although it is calculated, it is exposed to the possibility of a rear -end collision 4,000 times a month.
How to avoid this tremendous risk?

From Melbourne, Australia.
Continue to attract riders around the world with innovative technology and high design
This is the conclusion of "Knog".

Knog Cobber Front/Rear each ¥ 10,978 (TAX IN)

Anyway, the light of Bikkabika.
Front 470LUMENS, rear 270lumens
Simple light even if you simply illuminate the front and rear.

However, the essence of this COBBER performance is "beam angle 330 °".
It is the highest visibility of a wide range.

I arrived to avoid the risk of the accidents mentioned above to the limit
The idea of ​​"find it before you find it".

A rare functionality that can irradiate almost all directions except for the rider.
That's why COBBER is a COBBER.

Because it adopted the curved LED "CHIP on Board" (COB).
It was named "Cobber"
There is also an anecdote that 18 factories have been thrown out of "realization" by 18 factories until we commercialize.

A small brand called KNOG, far south far from Japan
The ultimate safety we have finally obtained with that constant effort.

Your daily riding
It is available at Brotures Kichijoji, a light that turns into the safest riding in history.
If you are prepared, you will not worry. By all means, purchase before and after.


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