To order custom bikes and wheels.

After all, I think that the first part that is attracted to the piste bike is customality.
You will yearn for the ideal looks, ideal performance, ready -made road bikes or original pists that are not found in cross bikes.

But the hurdle is high even if it is suddenly called custom even though I do not know the right or left.
There aren't many friends who are familiar with niche bikes as a piste bike.
So please rely on us.

Because it is such a time, I made an order form so that I could consult with custom bikes, wheels, and order, even if I did not come to the store.

Click here for consultation on custom bikes.
There are items for each part, but it's okay with a rough feeling.
All black is good, or classic.
We will propose a recommendation if you can tell only the image.

The wheels start to worry if you get hooked on a custom swamp.
The so -called hand -set wheels are popular because of their high degree of freedom, but this also bores.
This is okay.
It would be helpful if there was an image axis, such as wanting to look like this, is good, or want a sturdy wheel.

What is the delivery date and price of the motorcycle you care about?
Please use it with a casual feeling.
We look forward to your consultation ~.


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