It's quite fluttering for the event prepared at the end of the month.

It is Miya who sleeps too much on the holidays yesterday and is rotten!

By the way, the public is making a fuss about emergency arrival (in a good way)

LEADER®︎ Angelino PTG COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 143,000 (Intax)

However, of course, we have arrived at the Kichijoji store.

The popularity of this "RAW" color that has been continuously developed from the last time is alive,
This time, S size is sold out! !

M, L size is really, really
There is still a small amount left, so if you want to ride, please contact us immediately!

And behind such a popular continuous color, new colors are actually appearing.

Leader Angelino Custom Bike ¥ 367,950 (Intax)

The new color that you care about is the name of "Champagne Gold".

What a gorgeous and elegant color.

It was hard to handle BROTURES so far
It has a unique color.

In this lot, the headbatch has also been changed to the current Leader.

Speaking of Angelino (commonly known as Angie)
The only steel frame in the current Leader lineup.
It is also a two major pashute frame alongside "The Cure" T.

With a bold riding taste with a steel -like impact
Excellent acceleration unique to Pashute.

"Piste -like piste"

It is a powerful body that straddles as you want without thinking messed up.

You are stressful and stressful every day.
These days, if you are going to go out, if you are Angie,
It will be the best buddy that will take that extra power.


1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00