As long as the street continues

It tends to hide in the shadow of 735TR725TR
It's not just a downgrade model, but a motorcycle with a solid character.
It's the most historic frame in the Leader®︎ lineup.

The concept is "Long Ride".
The reason why the 725TR is unique is an unrivaled sense of stability that benefits the original wide geometry.
There is a reason to be a truck bike but the best -selling run performance that does not have a long range.
Faster and farther.
As long as the street continues, it is more than your imagination.

Leader® 725TR "JuggerNaut"
Reference price ¥ 306,000-

If you take advantage of the 725TR concept, maybe this custom is better.
The steering that gave the most features.
A single bracket lever that has recently received requests.
It is simply easy to put in force, and the positions that can be taken during the ride increase, so it goes well with 725TR, which is good at long distances.

Handle & Stem: DEDA SUPER ZERO

It is better to run and stop "running" and "stop" in the city riding that is a repetition of Stop and Go.
Looks are important, but you're riding and you're not stressed.
Recently, there is an impression that many people have enjoyed it as a single road.
It is recommended not only as a brake but also as a grip in the most powerful position, so it is recommended for speed madness.


Dedicated to a stoic rider who wants to run with strength from commuting to holiday rides.
It is a unique custom bike.


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