Orange guy! !

The "bibimbap element" sold to Cardi is delicious.
It is recommended to burn so much that you die in a frying pan.

Thank you, Miya.

I will introduce custom bikes today as well! !

DSNV Detroit Custom Bike ¥ 438,460 (Tax in)

It will be perfect for the coming season when the rainy season has reached the end of the rainy season
"Army Orange Matt" with powerful coloring.

This time, the fresh impression of this orange is more prominent
I attacked with "Silver Parts Custom".

Nitto for Shred Bar φ31.8 ¥ 8,690 (TAX IN)

The clamp diameter of 31.8 has been missing for a while
25.4mm is restocking today.
There are only four limited 4 books, so please be as soon as possible.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM BLACK ¥ 12,100 (TAX IN)

Detroit is a pasout geometry on the front
If you don't want to defeat your posture, you can get an upright position
I recommend the short stem of this box type.

Thomson Spacer Kit ¥ 2,750 (TAX IN)

There is no place to custom! !
Are you forgetting the spacer?

Thomson's aluminum shaving spacer doesn't look like a spacer
The edgy design is the most fashionable.

Fabric Scoop Race ¥ 14,300 (Tax IN)

Fabric finally has only a few remaining.
This titanium rail has only two more!
We are waiting for you to rush!

[USED] Paul Tall and Handsome SeatPost ¥ 14,300 (Tax IN)

Used Paul that arrived.
The beautiful polished finish is a price exceeding 30,000.

Everyone who longed but couldn't get it easily could be ghetted now.

SUGINO SG75 Track Crank ¥ 45,100 (TAX IN)


In fact, Sugino's crank and chain ring are a little cheaper in silver than black.
If it's so cool and you can get it at a great price, there's no way to buy it anymore.

Continental Gatorskin ¥ 7,150 (Tax in)

Although the paint is a beautiful body
I want you to ride down without worrying about scratches.
Choose a gighter skin with that feeling.

As a result, the color of the tire logo and the color of the body are available.

Such an accidental product is a real pleasure of custom.

So, this custom solidified with silver parts
If you can say "Orange guy !!"
If you are interested, please.


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