Even if it's not a full custom, it's stil...

On a personal note, I actually started living alone in August.
I try to cook for myself as much as possible, but I find it difficult to cook rice so I don't get around to it.
When I feel like it, I sometimes grill pork, chicken, or beef.

Hi, I'm only fighting with the frying pan for now.Kickis.

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The base car body isLEADER Angelino PTG Complete Bike ¥176,000-(IN TAX)

When you think of LEADER, you probably think of an aluminum frame, but Angelino has a chromoly frame! !
This hollow seat tube created by original cutouts! Not only is the design beautiful to look at, but in addition to the shorter wheelbase, the use of large-diameter steel pipes with excellent vertical rigidity makes it easier to accelerate!
The dents and scratches unique to chromoly have been treated as your own original work, making this a model that you can ride tough on the streets without worrying about falling over! !

Now that Angelino has been released in a new color, many people may be wondering which color to choose.
What you are looking at this time is one of the new colors.Trans Blue
Until now, Angelino has been selling products for the reason that "the burn marks are so cool!!"RawMany customers chose the color, but look at this new color, there are burn marks...there is! !

Very popular at the front deskBROTURES T3 CARBON WHEEL FRONT ¥132,000-(IN TAX)
The wheel can be said to be the star of a bicycle. This time I tried customizing T3 only on the front.
Not only can it be matched with an extremely thick frame like the 735, but it also looks cool when paired with a slightly slender steel frame to create a gap.
Of course, since it's carbon, it not only has a great visual impact, but it's also a great success in reducing weight!

The handle isby BROTURES WIDE LOW RISER ¥7,700-(IN TAX)

In one word, everything is just right. (in a good way)
The length is 680mm from the beginning, so you can use it as is. You can also cut it and use it.
Exquisite 15mm rise and upsweep. The backsweep is also good because it doesn't lower your posture too much when riding.
The price is relatively low, and I don't think there are many riser bars of this quality!

Many people choose to customize the handlebars for their first customization of a completed car, and many of them are not used to drop handlebars, so they often choose to customize the riser bar.
Since this is your first time customizing, we want you to feel free to experience the fun of customizing.
If you have a genuine handle, why not try customizing this WIDE LOW RISER!


The grip isIOMIC iX-B Track Grip ¥2,640-(IN TAX)
What is currently trending on BROTURES
This is a grip made for track bikes by IOMIC, which is famous for its golf grips.
A thick and chewy grip like the OURY grip is good, but a thinner and more stylish grip is also good!
This is extremely functional. It is a versatile grip that can be washed with water and not only maintains its clean condition but also restores the grip! !

This time there are 3 customizations in total!

It seems like a lie... Customization in 3 places makes it look so cool...! !


Well then.

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