725TR born in North America

Did you all take a look at "PULTO" that I introduced in my last blog ?
I've only made it to episode 4, but it's really interesting! !
Like the two of you, I have to be careful because I might end up spoiling it.
But I also understand the feeling of wanting to talk to someone.

The next thing I knew, the standby screen on the store's computer was showing "North No. 2." The culprit must be that doctor...
Hi, I'm Kick .

This time we will introduce the 725TR!

LEADER 725TR Complete Bike "Grass Weed" ¥176,000-(IN TAX)

The 725TR is LEADER®'s oldest frame.
When track bikes began to be ridden around town, LEADER® was redesigned with a geometry optimized for the street. Compared to the 721TR and 735TR of the same 7 series, the top tube is longer and the wheelbase is longer, so it is a model that can ride with a sense of stability that can be used for long rides!

What's more, this color is a limited color that celebrates the 25th anniversary of LEADER®'s founding! !
For the 725TR and 735TR, ``AMERICAN VINTAGE COLOR '' , which is limited to one rod, is based on the motif of the 1950s, when many American cultures were born during the post-war reconstruction period, when many changes occurred in pursuit of affluence.

725TR is “Grass Weed” ! !
The bright green with a matte texture gives it a retro feel and is quite rare.
The cool feel of the normal colors black and white is nice, but the vibrant feel of the post-war reconstruction period in this green color will completely change the impression.

The genuine crank from the 725TR is equipped with a direct crank.
Although it is not a direct crank made by VISION of the 735TR, it can convert the pedal force into propulsive force without loss, so the acceleration power is completely different compared to a square taper crank!

Another great thing about the 725TR is that it comes in a wide variety of sizes.
The 725TR is available in sizes from XXS to XL, so even petite women can ride it.
Couples can even have a cycling date on the LEADER®, something I'm really envious of!
Please recommend the 725TR to you or your partner.

Other features include smooth welding, internal brake specifications, and carbon seatpost and fork.
Don't worry, it's equipped like the 735TR.
For more information, please refer to the previous 735TR blog !


This time we set SHRED60 on the front and rear wheels.
BROTURES original carbon deep rim SHRED60.
The compatibility between the carbon deep rim and the thick tube of LEADER® is always outstanding!
If you want a deep rim wheel that is a little more modest than the SHRED88, please try the SHRED60.
The finished car wheel has a rim height of 42mm, so it's about halfway between the finished car wheel and the SHRED88.
There must be many people who feel that it is ``just right'' intuitively!

This time we introduced 725TR, a limited edition color commemorating the 25th anniversary of LEADER®'s founding!
The bright green frame color gives the bike a vibrant and bright impression.
Not only are the sizes available, but the colors are likely to be popular among women, so if you're interested, hurry up!

The 725TR, which is located in the middle grade, tends to be overshadowed by the 735TR and 721TR, but I think we have found that it has the longest history among the LEADER® and is a stable frame that can easily go on long rides!

"7"25"TR born in California, North America" ​​is abbreviated as " North No. 2 "

Please remember this as a password (lol)

Thank you, North No. 2. Well then.

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