If you get lost, you will lose! 725TR

First -selling blog only for Kichijoji storeDid you see!
To the end of the information of the super high -hypers' great saleWow!"Was there.
That's not the typographical errors or the author's head.
It's a Hokkaido dialect with a meaning of "Seriously!"
Other than me, at the Kichijoji store, a staff member from Hokkaido, there are relatively "Waya Nana" flying.

When I first heard it, I thought, "Wow!
(I was surprised to say "Wow!" And I thought it was cute (laughs)).Kick.

This time, we will introduce 725TR again!

LEADER 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 176,000- (in tax)

The longest historical frame 725TR in Leader®
When the truck bike was able to ride on the city, LEADER® was redesigned as a pisto bike for the original street. Compared to the 721TR and 735TR of the same 7 series, the top tube is longer and the wheelbase is long, so it is a model that can run with a sense of stability without a problem with long rides.

It is natural that Leader®'s commitment is packed because it is a frame with a deep history.
Like the 735TR introduced in the previous blog, the welding part is manually polished and putty applied to achieve lighter weight and strengthening.
Smooth welding processing

The brakes that almost always come out when it comes to the topic of a piste bike is
It is possible to equip a brake without impairing the simple appearanceInternal brake specificationsIs adopted.

Also,The seat post and fork are made of full carbon
Not only the body is lighter, but also excellent vibration absorption reduces the burden on the buttocks and arms that is easy to feel vibration.
It is a particularly nice point for 725TR, which can also be long ride.

Although the crank is not made of Vision, it is easy to accelerateDirect crankIs standard equipment.
It is a nice point that is hard to drop in the city, as well as reducing the stress in the city, as well as the speed of riding and long rides.

Different places from 735TR are geometry (design)
735TR is a compact geometry with extremely short top tubes.
Compared to that, 725TRTop tubes are longerIt is designed.
As a result, it is possible to make a long ride in view by increasing the straight stability and less fatigue.
It is a familiar design that is also preferred by those who originally rode on a road bike.

A stylish silhouette is also characteristic.
Some people say, "735TR's thick down tube is cool, but the claim is too strong ..."
BROTURES Original Carbon WheelShred88thanShred60I'm better on myself
That's the same reason.

In addition to the classic Black / WhiteSEA FOAM GREENThree colorsColor developmentand
A wide range from XXS to XLSize developmentIs easy to ride not only for men but also for women.

I like the appearance of 725TR! Of course, I want to go out with a little bit bike!
725TR I would definitely recommend.
735TR and 725TR, compare your intuition and your style, and worry a lot.

Choose 735TR and 725 TR for women because it is easy for women to ride and have a wide variety of sizes.
You can do a healthy cycling date. (I'm enviable, Konoyaro!)

If you want to see and compare or think while consulting,
Please come to BROTURES near you!

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see you.

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