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Well, one year is quick. If you notice, this year is over.
This year, I joined the company as a full -time employee, had a CMWC, started living alone.
I feel like it was a particularly rich year.
Moreover, 2024 is an old man, a dragon year.
So, I want to make 2024 a leap year like a fire -flour laser! !

Apparently, it may still be a gaki, but thank you again next year.Kick.

This time, we will introduce Leader® only chromoly frame "Angelino"!

Leader Angelino PTG CompLETE BIKE ¥ 176,000- (in Tax)

First from the geometry
Angelino is characterized by tight design and intense pashute -shaped top tube
Only the fixie bike has a pashute frame among various sports bikes.
It feels like a quick operability and an aggressive run piste!

TubeCustom -made large -diameter steel pipe with excellent vertical rigidity. No matter how hard ride you do, there is no problem.
The dents and scratches unique to the chromori are also as original processing, so don't worry about falling.
It is a model that you want to ride tough on the street!

The size development is from XS to L size,
Only XS size is weak sloping(The top tube falls back).
I like the pashute frame because it seems to be a fixie bike, but I also like the sloping shape.

The reason is that it is easy to get on and off simple!
Acceleration and speed are good when you use it everyday,
If you feel stressed, you don't want to be stressed ... a fixie bike is a bicycle ...
For such a person, it is also ant to select the XS size on purpose and emphasize the comfort of getting on and off.
Angelino is originally large, so if you are riding S or M size, you can ride at all!

In addition, many small women choose XS size.
Mr. Fujimoto, the store manager of Osaka store, was building an XS size Angelino for his wife.
It is a commuting specification with a basket on a commuter shape handle.
I personally like this custom. This is absolutely convenient.
It is durable with chromoly, and it is easy to ride and I will consider a round pakuri (laughs)
For more informationHerefrom!

All of the coloring are attractive.
Beautiful pop "blue" and classic and cool "black" in addition to "RAW" that make you feel masculine with martial arts.
Well, none of them are hard to choose!

There are many reasons that the baking marks on the RAW color were cool before,
RAW color was overwhelmingly popular, but it is now a lineup of blue and black.
There is a burnt trace!
I apologize if you have more trouble with the current information (laughs)

What I like personallyCoco ↑
A chewy seat tube born by the original cutout!
Not only the beautiful design that is enchanted to see, but also this reduces the wheelbase.
There is also the advantage of driving performance that it is easier to accelerate!

In addition, Angelino isThe handle of the finished car is flat bar handleI'm happy.
Sports bike beginners are not used to drop handles.
There are many people who are scared.
If it is a flat bar, the state of driving will rise, and the field of view will expand, so you will not feel fear.
I'm glad that even beginners can feel the fun from the day they delivered the car.

This time, we introduced Leader® only chromoly frame "Angelino"!
I'm writing a blog again"Is there something wrong with Angelino?"It is impression.
In fact, it is a model that many of the staff are riding!
You may have bothered the size and color, but in such a case, go to Brotures near you.
Let's actually straddle and decide together while checking the color with their eyes!

Up to 100 % OFF first saleIt's like doing it! (lol)
At the Kichijoji store, we are waiting for the same day delivery of Angelino introduced this time!
Moreover, the new finished car10 % OFF! !Furthermore, the same day of the used immediatelySuper sale! !
If the size is right, super bargain! !
The size and the same amount of car delivery are limited, so be prepared to head to the store now! (lol)

see you.
Please have a good year.

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