BROSAKA same day delivery INFO!!

Hello, my name is Kaz.

March starts today.
A season of encounters and partings.
It's a sentimental journey.

Okay, let's get to the point.
First, what is same-day delivery?

When we receive an order from BROTURES, whether it is sold in-store or by mail order, we always take it apart, prepare it, wash it, lubricate it, retighten it to the appropriate torque, and make adjustments.
Therefore, it will take approximately 10 days for delivery.
When you find a car you like, and after looking at it, you realize that even if it's this one, you won't be able to drive it home on the same day.
The waiting time is both fun and a bit of a pain. I understand how you feel, and if I could, I'd like to ride home that same day.

The aim is to create a vehicle that can be delivered on the same day.
In short, it's a car that you can drive home on the same day!
There is no reason not to aim for a car body that allows you to drive home in your favorite car body with zero delivery time.
However, we don't have all the models, all colors, and all sizes, so unless you happen to come across one, you won't be able to ride it home on the same day.

Today, we will introduce some picks from same-day delivery!
Basically, all of them are eligible for the student discount campaign, so if you are a student, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

LOCAL BIKES BLANKS complete bike
Regular price ¥85,800- → ¥74,800- → ¥67,320-
Currently, BLANKS is 10% off with "NEW YEAR MORE SALE!!" , and students will also get 10% off.
However, this MORE SALE will be on sale until the 3rd of this weekend!
After that, the price will return to normal!

Currently at Osaka store
BLACK XS, GREEN S, ORANGE M are available for same-day delivery!

CARTEL BIKES AVENUE Complete Bike ¥77,000-
This is only one M size.
Personally, I'd like to add a rack or commuter handle to this bike for a relaxed riding style.
That's what I was thinking, and on the blog of the Yokohama store, I saw a customization that looked just like this, so if you're interested, please take a look.
~ Even just one casual commute to school will be more enjoyable if you use the piste. ~

LEADER 735TR complete bike "50s Venis Beach" ¥220,000-INTAX
LEADER 725TR complete bike "Grass Weed" ¥176,000-INTAX
725TR and 735TR in AMERICAN VINTAGE COLOR are based on the American worldview of the 1950s.
Both models are available in S size.
There are no additional productions for limited edition colors, so they are genuine limited edition colors.

LEADER 735TR Handle custom bike S size ¥234,080-INTAX
This is a complete car body with a custom handle.
If it's your first piste bike and you're not used to drop handlebars, adding a custom handlebar will make it easier to ride!

The vehicles introduced this time are just a few. For other same-day delivery information, please see "Same-day delivery INFO" in the story highlights section on Instagram!

In-store delivery as well as shipping is available, so please feel free to contact us!


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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)