AEROSPOKE COMING SOON !!! Information of ...

Good evening!!! As soon as possible, the popular guy will come back soon. He is the title, as the title suggests, "5 batons"AEROSPOKE"is!!! AEROSPOKE NATURAL FRONT ¥ 40,000- (+tax) Rear ¥ 46,000- (+Tax) If you want the color above, you can paint, so we recommend that. I will paint with Tsuruoka Racing, so the quality is high and it is a powerful paint. It is hard to peel off. There is also a way to paint according to the color of the bicycle !!! Aerospoke is a strong baton wheel with a strong price range. Made in USA has been maintaining popularity now and in the past. The feature of Aerospoke is that centrifugal force is born and can be used to run. Also, if you customize the baton wheel to the rear wheel that is heavy It is said that the effect of the baton is more effective than the front. The material of AEROSPOKE is carbon resin. Because it uses sturdy and durable materials, even if you customize it, you can drastic driving. It's okay to do the skid. It's cool to stop "Pita" when you customize the baton wheels to the rear and skid Many people have longed for baton skids!? This time, the number is decreasing, and it is expected to be sold out immediately when it arrives. If you want it, you can only make a reservation or check your blog every day and purchase it at the same time. I think that you can customize it with set when purchasing a completed car. Things different from people are good. We recommend such a paint for such people !!! Please consider it.

Finally, it is a glue pride news.

The meeting place is BROTURES OSAKA as usual.

The meeting time is also between 20: 30 and 21: 00.

The destination is Mt. Tempo. That is.

This is the best of this season because it is very easy to run.

The content is fun as usual !!!

Also, it is a rain forecast, but I think it's okay.

If it rains, it will be uploaded on a blog, so even if it is raining or not.

Thank you for your confirmation at any time.

Let's have fun tomorrow !!!!



1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)