I started chilled cola.

One cup of beer after working hard for a day. This is the best. I guess there are many people. Especially Ji * niki, ○ nuki, Jun ○. I'm a Shimoto who competes for 1 and 2 at BROTURES, and I'm always dedicated to cola. The strong carbonic acid of the chilled cola passes while stimulating the throat. I can feel that it was good to live at such a moment and that I was alive. Oh, if you write such a thing, you will not be able to endure. 。 I want to drink now. 。 !!?? The front swing is a farce, but it's uncomfortable, That's right. I started selling cola. If you sweat on a bicycle and take a break, why don't you go to a cola that doesn't become a tea? The bottle is more than 30 % more and it feels delicious. I haven't seen much recently. Personally, I feel romantic for this crown for some reason. I was collecting incredibly when I was young. I remember that there were so many cool designs and it was fun. From now on, summer! Let's run alone without losing the heat by replenishing energy with cola! Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155 kichijoji@brotures.com
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