World Cup Japan National National Team !!!!!

The day before yesterday, Pineapple Betty's x BEAMS photo exhibition

I went to the reception of “New Romantic Home Boyz”.


Legendary in the late 1970s based on Kugenuma, Shonan

Surf team brand "Pineapple Betty's".

With Kaoru Ohno, who is now a late professional surfer, as a surf culture and skateboard culture in Japan

It has a huge impact and continues to shine among fans without fading.

The surf team brand will completely revive in collaboration with the select shop BEAMS.

At that time, he belonged to the team at that time, and currently leads the T-19 and leads the Extreme Sports scene.

Developed into a collaboration with the full cooperation of Hiroshi Otaki.

Sentence: BEAMS

[YouTube] AJKSPGJSOI4[/youtube] Serious adults of play were gathering! After all, you can see the life and expression of those who live in the SURF culture. There were many valuable photos of Otaki, Jesse, and Skeshin when they were young! The lamp was also made for this day, and I could see Jesse sliding.
After that, Supreme Akun's birthday party, And then to ageha! ! Jungle Brothers !! Black Sheep !!
Mens were crazy. [ARENA] Live: Jungle Brothers / Black Sheep / Hifana DJ: DJ KENSEI / SHINCO / KUMA The Sureshot VJ: Kimgym (Kazufumi Kimura) [Water] Mighty Crown BANA HERO [BOX] Kenji Takimi (CRUE-L / BEING BORINGS) GONNO (WC / MERKUR / International Feel) Ryosuke (lobust/so gut) Nehan (Fang / Artemis) [Island] ANI SEX Yamaguchi USKEY DJ Masakaz The raw Hifana at dawn was also the best.
Yesterday I went to Shibuya and Ueno to find a pin badge. The weather was fine after a long time.
The weather is still good today! Today, Akeem will visit Vacant in Harajuku. I was supporting a hot dog and cola.
Of course, your feet are adidas !! ADICUP sponsored by Adidas three years ago. I had akeem take me to Yamanashi with a mystery lol
All -you -can -eat all -you -can -drink with free catering, All team uniforms were distributed to many reserved buses. Adidas is amazing.
And this year is held in Yokohama! July 20th! ! I have to go this year as well. Unfortunately, Japan has lost today, BROTURES STAFF is still in Harajuku today. People who want to diverge without knowing where to hit this regret If you want to run in such a weather and are fluttering, to Brotures Harajuku at 10:00 PM Something may happen when you meet. For more information, to the staff. natsuka
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/11:00~18:00 (No fixed holidays) Weekends/Holidays/10:00~18:00