Hello! The day before yesterday was Tom's farewell party, and yesterday I was drinking until about 4 o'clock in Omotesando.
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Tom's farewell party was memorable, or not only memories, but a legend of Brotures. I will not tell you for details. Please ask Tom directly someday. smile By the way, today is a new face hub from GREDDY! By the way, today is the introduction of GREDDY. yeah? What is Revolver? I think there are many. Mohawk, which has a characteristic design in the past
The production of the GREDDY hub has been decided and Mohawk has arrived later Light Ver
New face by Mohawk and Light Ver. This is Revolver!
Greddy Revolver Hub Front ¥ 18,000 (+Tax) Greddy Revolver Hub Rear ¥ 20,000 (+Tax) A revolver with this rugged appearance. The weight is about 424g at the front and 470g at the rear. It is inevitable that it is a little heavy because it is so rugged. 。 By the way, the front of Mohawk is 320g and 368g at the rear. The front of Light Ver is 310g, 362g at the rear. Even if it is heavy, it is about 100g!
The logo is a GREDDY logo of the same type as the stable Light Ver. I think that the impact of the hub will be transmitted from the front.
Looking from the side, it looks like this. I shouldn't be the only one who imagined lotus root. 。
Revolver hub. As the name suggests, it has a "revolver" shape. Well, stop the looks at this extent ... Let's consider the weight when you actually put it on the wheel. For example, assembled with H Plus Son's Archetype (450g), Revolver 864g and 920g at the rear. Even if you put the weight of the spoke, it will not be so heavy. [YouTube][/youtube] And here is the last thing I want you to see. For the hubHub with weights on the center (shaft side)ConverselyHub with weights on the outside of the flangeIt is a video like an experiment on which is less resistant to the rotation movement. This is a videos of the hub, but think about it with the wheel. The central hub may be heavy. Of course, the rotation is GREDDY. If you take it, you will understand, you will be able to laugh so much that you can laugh! By all means on this occasion! Adatch
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