What is "bike loan" that you often see?

Good evening! I'm excited about what to do when I get home as the sun goes down. Recent nights are good at easy -to -spend temperature! By the way, today we are introducing the loan "Cedinalone" currently being handled at BROTURES!
In BROTURES, a loan with a real annual interest rate was 8%.

Currently 5%!

An amazing loan for customers. Especially the more expensive the body, the more you get. Because you don't have to pay interest rates! There is also a method of buying by dividing a credit card, but the annual interest rate is higher for credit splitting! I want to buy a good body, but I don't have that much money at hand. 。 And I have it at hand, but I want to pay systematically! This Cedinalone that I want to use by all means. And when I hear "loan", I think there is a negative image, but that is not the case. Especially when you are young, if you use a loan and keep paying well, your own credit information will rise and you will be able to easily assemble expensive loans such as mortgages in the future. The interest rate is cheap and the good thing is good! And loans can be used at stores and online! Now about 40 % of the buyer is doing a loan!

In the case of a store

1, visit to the store 2, consultation 3. Creating quotation (the total amount is confirmed) 4. Enter personal information to the application form 5. Our staff applies through a computer 6. Wait for the screening in about 10 minutes from the completion of the application. 7. If the screening is passed, it can be purchased! You can do it with such a flow. It is a case -by -case case, but I think that it will be completed in the total time of about 2 hours at the as early as 30 minutes, such as a quote, etc., and for a long time!

In the case of mail order

1. Visit the mail order site (http://store.brotures.com/) and order the ideal body with a loan! (If you would like a custom, please contact yokohama@botures.com!) 2. Confirm the total amount (in the case of custom, please make an estimate. If you have additional parts, please contact us at this point!) 3. To Cedina Loan, our staff applies (we will not have customers here.) 4. We will contact you from Cedinalone. 5. Enter and apply for personal information, etc. with a mobile phone or computer. 6. Even if the screening results are late, it will come within one day, so wait a little 7. If the screening is passed, it can be purchased! The store and the mail order are almost the same. And the simulation that is always posted on the blog.

【 Simulation site 】

If you click the simulation site above, you can simulate! The total amount of the body for the balance Enter the number of payments by dividing the number of payments Calculate the real annual interest rate at 5.0 %! Well, how will the interest rate change to 5 %! I introduced this a while agohttps://brotures.com/yokohama/?p=24920 Let's calculate in the case of Renovatio high specs.
If this body is paid 24 times and the interest rate drops from 8 % to 5 %About 15,000Greater! ! The dream spreads! ! By the way, today was the introduction of Cedina loan! We are waiting for your custom consultation and a little question, so we are waiting for you to yokohama@botures.com! Adatch yokohama@brotures.com
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