Leader Renovatio Custombike is only a few...

The frame used by the Leader Bike USA team in the crit race is "Renovatio" The next time will be held in London in early July, and the Leader team is expected to be active. [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4y8ohuxs-s[/youtube] Since the logo color is blue, I tried to match it with the color of the saddle. The wheel is custom only for carbon rim! In addition to speeding up, the impact of the appearance has changed, and carbon wheels Above all, cost performance is high! The crank is a direct type that is poured with state -of -the -art technology! Uses Sugino, famous for its high accuracy, such as high accuracy. Once used, it is so smooth that it will not be possible to other cranks. When purchasing a bicycle, payment by loan is recommended. You can start riding in a satisfactory custom while suppressing initial investment Please use it as you can. Rather than a credit card split fee It is cheap 5%.
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