SOMA "Rush" in Stock !!

Speaking of the sacred place of the fist, San Francisco! How many people are there?
This tiered slope! Everyone would have wanted to bomb at least once. A town that embodies individuality and freedom and still attracts people. "SOMA" is a brand that inherited the spirit of San Francisco.
Today we are introducing a bike that is dropped from SOMA.
SOMA RUSH CUSTOM COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 170,000 (+tax) ~ Well, this color! Tamarimasen. The parts are silver -based and the honey -based leather parts are the best. It is a frame full of feelings at that time, but the good thing is that it is always good. Above all, this is why I chose this color!
Only this khaki green head patch is a neurogo! Like the brand logo, it is a Japanese taste with a sense of "THE Foreign". The SOMA saddle lineup is also "Kyudo", "Okami", "YAMADA" , It seems that the edges are deep. Honestly, it's a SOMA design, it's a dots, personally. And the frame material is not odd. Use TANGE's finest pipe Prestige, which has a unique feel for the tube.
Heat treat is applied to a heat treatment, and the material is stiffer to achieve significantly lighter weight than normal chromoly. However, Prestige is faster than other chromoly materials. From there is a major feature of Prestige, and when a normal chromoly is caused by a dullness, Prestige does not impair its unique spring feeling. In other words, even after the wetness, the comfort of "this is Prestige" remains the same. In addition to the freedom of the owner, it is a frame that can be dated forever with the finest material.
A motorcycle that is particularly deep by growing it in your own color. I would like you to experience the spirit of the sacred place of the fist by all means. PS. There may be a sequel! ? Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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