Today I repainted my Dosnoventa, so I would like to write a blog about it! Before repainting, it looks like this! I introduced it several times on Harajuku's blog. This time, I customized the crank and wheels, and personally felt like I bought a new bicycle. Here is a new paint! The specifications have not changed much, but I will explain the specifications! First, I will explain from around the handle. Although it has not changed from the last time, the handle is lighter by using the carbon handle. In addition, the burden on the hands is reduced by reducing vibration from the ground. The weight is only 180g (depending on the length.) The price is high, but it is worth trying. Personally, I think it's flexible and aluminum handles can no longer be used. 3T Ergonova LTD Road Road Handle ¥ 44,000 (Out Tax) And use DEDA Pista for the stem. Since the frame is downward, I installed this angle stem to take advantage of the geometry of the frame. It is recommended because the design is simple and light! DEDA PISTA STEM ¥ 9,900 (OUT TAX) I personally think that the next one is the most worrisome place. It is around the saddle. Some saddles do not fit themselves because they have differences in body hardness and weight. If you do not know what is good, please contact the staff! Sella San Marco Raching Carbon Rail ¥ 20,520 And seat post! Install the DEDA seat post used for the stem. Matching the brand has increased the sense of unity, improving the balance. The seat post itself is carbon, but the yagura is made of aluminum. It is a little heavier than the ZIPP used by Adachi, but it is lighter! DEDA SUPERLEGERO RS SEATPOST ¥ 23,000 (OUT TAX) Next is the drive line. The place that moves the most in the drive system that can be moved by your own power. There are SRAM's Omunium and Sugino 75, but here is what I chose. FSA Carbon Track Crank ¥ 45,000 (OUT TAX) SUGINO SUPER MC144 44T ~ 55T ¥ 39,000 ~ ¥ 41,000 (OUT TAX) By using carbon as a crank material, it is lighter and flexible than aluminum. Originally a set of chain rings, I installed the finest chain ring from Sugino. It is the best accuracy of Sugino. Most of the top players use at the Olympics ... The last thing to introduce is the most overall appearance, weight, and running comfort. I will introduce the wheels. I guess everyone wants to use the front desk once last time. I changed it to HED3, but I changed it to this wheel. The wheel manufacturer has already stopped production, so it will only remain in Japan. * By the way, it is not in BROTURES ... If you want about 60mm of ZIPP, there is a tuba! Please contact us! And here is for the rear. Hed Belgium ¥ 17,000 (OUT TAX) Aluminum rim that is not very HED. If the carbon rim is expensive and cannot be bought, how about this is "HED is definitely good!" ? The weight is also lightweight in aluminum rim. The rim hats are not too high, 28mm, not too low. And finally on the whole! Leaderbikes and DOSNOVENTA are accepted. I'm tired of the frame, and if you make it a new color, the freshness will increase. I think some people don't know what to do about painting. If you are interested, please contact us! Nori
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