Customer Bike Parts Spec DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON Frame Set Leader Bikes Saber Bars Handle Rotor 3D24 Track Crank ROTOR NO-Q Track Chainring 47T Rotor Track BB BROTURES SHRED 38 CARBON WHEEL Front Hed. H3 Wheel Rear SRAM TT500 BRAKE Brotures Original Pedal & Strap How was your DSNV custom completed car!? It is one of the world in the world that was created with the thought that I do not want to suffer from people. If you straddle a good frame, you don't want to customize it. Unusually, this customer customs Hed.h3 in the rear !!! It may be the main run, but the effect of the baton is demonstrated in the back, It was customized by the rear because many people customized the front desk. The reason for customizing the SHRED38 of the original carbon wheel of Brotures at the front is the front. I customize this SHRED38 because I want to clean the front and make it lighter. The crank chooses ROTOR CRANK, which goes well with DSNV. At the Osaka store, the last point ROTOR CRANK remains. It's a quick win !!! I will customize it to be satisfied if you can convey your request like this customer. If you want to make your own original bicycle by choosing from the frame, we will make a free quote, so please feel free to call out.
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