Leader Bikes Kagero Aerospoke Custom

Leader Bikes Kagero 2015 Aerospoke Custom ¥ 325,605 (+Tax) Frame, fork set: Leader Bikes Kagero 2015 Front wheel: Aerospoke Natural Carbon Front tires: Michelin Pro4 Endure Realim: H Plus Son SL-42 Rear Hub: GREDDY LIGHT Ver Rear Tire: Michelin Dynamic Sport Handle: DEDA PISTA DROPBAR Stem: ZIPP Service Course Sl Stem Beyond Black Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost Saddle: FIZIK ANTARES R3 Braineded Crank: Sugino 75 Chain Ring: Sugino Zen Chainring At the front desk, AEROSPOKE, a synonym for MADE IN USA baton wheels! Choose Endure from Michelin, famous for car tires for tires! The rear wheel was firmly finished with a hand -set wheel on an aluminum rim! GREDDY LIGHT of Blue, which is beautiful with a beautiful color for the hub. The skid is pounding and it has been finished with a tough construction that you want to ride around the city. Around the saddle is Fizik X Thomson in Teppan! The saddle is an antares R3, which is the top of the carbon Fizik lineup. It is an ideal saddle with a very beautiful shape and looks, and reducing the weight while securing the amount of pads! For the stem, from ZIPP to all -black ServiceCourse Sl Stem! And for the handle, the synonym for the track drop handle, DEDA PISTA! I inserted a blue spacer on the spacer with the rear hub. The drive line is SUGINO 75 X EURO-ASIA! It is not 75DD, but 75. Cogs are also custom for the chain ring using ZEN and not customized. If you try to pay 24 times using a loan, you will get it at about ¥ 15,000 a month. You can get a full custom body with no standard parts.
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