The Attension to 725TR Vol.6

In this blog, the last 725TR dissection blog was the last round. The last round is the details design. Three points of taper head tube, seat posts, which have become major recently, and "725" decals. First, from the "tapered head tube". The tapered head tube becomes thicker by the thickness of the underlying head tube, making the down tube connected to it thicker, increasing strength! In addition, the shape of the fork is thicker according to the shape of the thickened frame, and the folk strength is also increased! Movement such as dancing or skids can be twisted on the frame, so the strength increasing in this part is tough and a necessary enhancement to run faster. And two points of the seat tube. Conventional seat clamps are one to two points, and fixing force increases. Not only is the fixation increased, but the burden near the seat clamp is distributed to reduce the damage to the frame by making it two points than one point. Because it is a position where the weight is high, it has a more tough seat clamp structure. And the last is the top chew blog part of "725". You may be aware that the logo is slightly diagonal. This is not to say that the Leader manufacturing factory has made a mistake and put it on a mistake. smile In fact, this 725 logo makes it difficult to understand that the top tube is throwing. I think there were many people who were worried. It's surprisingly simple, but you can see that you care about the details! By the way, how was the 725 dissection blog introduced over a week? If there is a timing, I would like to go with other frames. The synonym for Leader Bikes, which I was riding a while ago, on this occasion, on this occasion! 045-413-7875
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