Recently, it has become warm in the afternoon and cool at night. Isn't there a lot of people riding a bicycle? Today, we will introduce 725T-REX, which was released for a limited number of units from September 11! I tried custom immediately! The front wheel is ZIPP 404FC wheel. If you look closely, the surface of the rim has unevenness like a golf ball. This is called dimple processing, reducing air resistance during driving and increasing the turnover rate. Golf balls are high, long, and flying technology is useful for this place! And the stem and seat post are also unified with ZIPP. Speaking of ZIPP, it is one of the luxury parts brands, If you pick up only aluminum parts, it's actually affordable! The rear wheel is custom with GREDDYLIGHTHUB × BLBNOTORIOUS50. Lightweight, rotation, rowing comfort, none of them are complaints. The handle is even lighter with Nitto's mod.90 carbon road drop. It has become one that has run long distances and has both a breakthrough! All customs are worth trying once. Leaderbikes 725T-REX LIMITED EDITION ¥ 168,000- (+Tax) ZIPP 404 FC Front WHEEL ¥ 147,000- (+Tax) ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL SL STEM ¥ 15,000- (+Tax) ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SEATPOST ¥ 16,000- (+Tax) BLB, Notorious50 × JuDyLighthub ¥ 64,000- (+tax) Nitto mod.90 ¥ 36,000- (+tax)
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