735TR HI Spec Custom!

Matsuda -kun is introducing every day to make a large dissection of 735TRTHE ATTENATION TO 735TR。 It has not been completed yet, but based on it, based on it, a one -shot and bai custom. First, install the HED without regrettable on the front wheel! How many pisto freaks have become captivated by this guy? This time, the handle, stem, and seat post were unified with Thomson. Notable is the steering wheel. Uses trendy anatomic shape, UD carbon material, and 190g of the threat! The Khan Bonn handle is surprisingly supple and greatly relieves the impact at hand. And Sugino 75DD at the feet. Bicycle pedaling always has "twisted" for the frame. The high rigidity that converts it into propulsion without missing its power is remarkable. By the way, the 735TR down tube is 7005. You will be able to experience the change more noticeable than the 725TR. Frame: Leader Bikes 735TR Front Wheel: Hed H3 Handle: Thomson Carbon Road Bar Stem: Thomson X2 SeatPost: Thomson Elite SADDLE: TNI BLACK FEATHER Crank: Sugino 75DD It looks sour, but now this 735TR is on sale with a frame set! Do not miss it. !
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