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Hello! The best GW continues. If this weather is good, isn't it the best long ride! ! I'm envious. Well, Harajuku store is open well regardless of GW. And everyone who is taking a day off, and those who are not at the Harajuku store From today"Saddle 10%OFF campaign"We are implementing. The only period is Golden Week! We are at Harajuku store! ! The saddle is an important part that determines the look of a bicycle, as the ride is the same. The impression of the bicycle changes a lot depending on the saddle. Choose a slightly classic genuine leather brooks or choose a racing -style saddle It is a saddle that reflects the personality of that person. of course! Not just appearance! Sitting comfort is also important! ! The shape of the butt is different depending on the person, so depending on the saddle, there are some that do not fit. Many people are worried about the pain of the buttocks, right? It seemed that a slightly flat saddle that could change positioning was more suitable than a strong cushioning saddle. last time,Mechanic Narumi introduces on a blogAs Not only the saddle but also the height of the seat and the front and rear position are important If you still don't, it's best to exchange it for a saddle that suits you! ! This time, the saddle is also an affordable price, so it would be an ant to change the saddle at this opportunity! ! Ride comfort and looks are affected"saddle"。 Would you like to review this opportunity? If you don't understand, ask the store staff. Of course, you can also make inquiries by phone or email. We'll be expecting you! CAMY. 03-6804-3115 Brotures Harajuku
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