It makes sense to choose this fix.

Although it is a Japanese bicycle race culture that is indispensable for fixes, the number of builders that can produce handmade frames is decreasing year by year.
Beautiful modeling that is unparalleled even if you look around the world, and the strength that supports the speed of about 70 km.
As a piste bike shop, it cannot be abolished by Japan's proud technology and spirit.

With that in mind, I launched this project.

"Dontzer x Broturs the 1st Collaboration [Don Classico]"

Thank you for cooperating with "TR" in the frame studio that has been interacting for a long time.
Young builders have been able to provide handmade frames surprisingly affordable by performing all manufacturing processes.

Dontzer Don Classico Framest

Actually, Mr. Okazaki (Tom), a young builder who manufactures all this frame, worked as a mechanic at Broturs Harajuku when he was a teenager.
It's a modest personality, but it's pretty dangerous.
Because of the same age, I remember that I especially longed for Tom and the former staff.
The motorcycle I'm riding now is a frame that Tom has been built by Tom, so is it like this Don Classico brother?

"Sometimes my bike check."

I don't want to make a bicycle race culture a past, and I have a family to this project because the builder is the creator of my car.
It may be a great benefit for customers to buy a high -quality frame of handmade.
However, choosing Don Classico, whether a newcomer or an old, means
It means that it supports the future of one leg plump pisto culture.

From design to finishing, the teacher of a former bicycle race player is ink.
It is a really easy -to -ride fixie bike.
The number of production is limited because it is made quite forced.
Is it about 4 remaining? We can guide you in all sizes because we secure stock in pipe units.

"Aiming to be a bicycle brand" loved by 3 generations "with a view to 100 years ahead."
It is a piste culture because there are creators and rides.
I would like to recommend Don Classico if you get on the fix.


73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)