Pay by loan! !

I want Leader Bikes! ! But, ... I can't get it because my budget doesn't fit. I think there are many people who said! ! If you think about it normally, many people will be hundreds of thousands!?!?! ! But Leader Bikes is worth it! ! If you come and see and ride, you will understand that value! ! Once you buy a good bicycle, you can continue riding semi -permanently unless there is anything! ! So I want you to buy a bicycle that is really satisfactory than buying it! ! Therefore, it is a recommended purchase method, but in BROTURES, you can purchase the body or parts with a loan (installment payment]! You can make a loan at a lower interest rate than in installments using a card! ! Moreover, if you don't have a down payment, you can buy it even if your money comes with zero! ! If so, you want to ride a "good bicycle"! ! Because it is a monthly payment, you can pay with less burden! ! It is possible for students to make a loan! As an example, I tried to simulate with "Leader Bikes 735TR COMPLETE BIKE"! !
Screenshot 2016-07-07 13.47.23
Recently, the burden is small, so the number of people who purchase with a loan is increasing! ! If you come to the store, you can send a loan simulation immediately. Feel free to visit our shop! Of course, you can contact us by phone or email! ! 06-4391-3313 Please use it! ! And enjoy the best lifestyle with a fixie bike! ! Ayumu.
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