that? Isn't this wheel drawback?

I created a stock wheel for the first time in a long time.
It feels pretty good.

F35 X Paul Custom Wheel

Combination of brotures original carbon rim and Made in USA's Paul's hub.
This time it is only available for the rear, but it is rare because the 24h hub of Paul does not arrive in stock.

It is a gem without lightweight, high rigidity, and durability, and when the hub is unusual.
The lighter the outer periphery of the wheel, the easier it is to row. Really!
The hub is tough, and the rigidity is firm with high flango.
Looks are simple and elegant.

This time, it is a FIXED/FREE flip flop hub, so you can use it properly.
The same bike and the same gear ratio are different for free gear and fixed gear.
Delicious twice with one wheel. I feel a little better.

For the time being, this time, one set will be available for the rear only.
I think the next arrival will be for the time being, so don't miss it.


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