Introducing a new HORIZON BLUE custom bike

It's been 10 years since Kagero's debut born in that legendary web magazine Pedal Consumption collaboration?

Kagero, which was released at the same time as his job, has a special attachment, and has long straddled as a car.

Such Kagero is the long -awaited restock with the new color this time.

that name as well"HORIZON BLUE"

It is a characteristic one of the vivid blue, finished in the image of a eternal horizontal line. In the past, Dark Tone has emerged, but it is probably the refreshing coloring in Kagero history.

Of course, the normal black -out configuration is also well -colored, but here I actively used silver items as a bright color.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Horizon Blue Custom

Brotures Rip Crank on the heart of the bicycle, and the front and rear is a Gran Competition -complete wheel with cospa down.


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GRAN COMPE Silver Completion Wheel ¥ 40,370 (IN TAX)

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If you want to finish a silver custom fixie bike as much as possible, it is an indispensable item.

I say that Cospa is suppressed, but RIP CRANK has a direct structure, and Gran Competition has been gaining popularity as a track parts brand used by so many users. Don't despise just because it's cheap.

Despite the silver custom, only these two sections have customized this time.

I tend to fall into the silver custom"Too much"I was particularly conscious and finished it so that the overall balance was not lost.

Therefore, the top of the waist is the Thomson X4 stem, the Thomson Carbon seat post, the Fizik saddle, etc. are all black items.

Will this specification cost around 300,000 yen? As an image, this full custom is feasible with a normal completed car +100,000 yen.

I personally think that the next Horizon will be finished with the SHRED88 and 60 series scheduled to be arrived soon, and will be finished with the opposite of this time.

"I want to see this Horizon Blue!"Please request if you have. smile

Then, please feel free to contact us, Kagero Horizon Blue, which is released today.

All the staff are waiting for you!



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