Kagero silver is also restocked!

Kagero's limited color "Horizon Blue" has been released today!
We have received many orders and inquiries immediately, and I am realizing the strong popularity of Kagero.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set

The refreshing and impactful color is impressive, but in fact, existing silver is also available.
Personally, Kagero is this color! Blue is a bitter color.
I will introduce the motorcycle of the customer who has been waiting for this color for a long time.

No, it's beautiful.
This frame has the magical power that is not flashy but attracts you for some reason.

This time, we asked you to replace the frame from your motorcycle.
THOSON's stem, seat post, lightweight, good -looking wheel, drive train of SUGINO and Digirit.
It's finished.

A simple custom but an extraordinary atmosphere comes from these detailed parts.
No, this is a nice bike again.

Please feel free to contact us for those who are thinking of a piste bike or if you change the frame.
It's not as good as blue, but the number of arrivals is also small.
Nice to meet you.


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