I run well, this way of assembly.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog will be your motorcycle check.

I was in charge, and I was a distant person, so all interactions were Instagram DM.

I was quite cautious because it was a purchase without seeing the real thing.

But as a result, it was a really cool fix. The degree of perfection that I want to ride.

The total weight is lightly finished even though we do not use carbon parts.

Now, let's take a closer look.

The selected model will be Tyrant Bikes Kagero.

I think this model is a very stylish frame, which is an eye -catching gloss black and gold logo design.

Gold that doesn't claim too much is good.

As a whole, it is a custom that is unified with all black.

It is a custom that can run crunchy with a trendy long riser specification.

The hand-assembled wheels using the front and rear H Plus Son AT-25, the front and the hub select GRANCOMPE and the rear selects Philwood.

Grancompe's low -flowered hub is made by Blue Lug bespoke.

I proposed that I could use this, which has only high flanges, to be used for almighty.

The PHILWOOD hub used for the rear is usually a piece of piece, but I chose both cuts.

By doing so, both cogs can be attached with different teeth, and one side can be free gear.

It is a part that made you feel that it is apt to choose the ride style later.

The parts on the upper side of the body are summarized in Thomson overall.

Stem, seat post, seat clamps, and spacers are solidified in Thomson.

In this way, it looks beautiful when I see the whole thing, so I love it.

The point, crank that is enthusiastic about this custom. It is made to SUGINO 75 DD2.

At first, I made it a brotures original RIP crank, but it was uploaded on the way.

I think this change is quite big. All of the rigidity, accuracy, and looks are the highest cranks.

I think the finish is quite cool.

Please feel free to consult about dent and custom consultation!


Frame: Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 132,000-INTAX

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