Tire small story

Today we have a small story about tires.

Compared to hard components such as handles and wheels
Because of its inconspicuous, it is a tire that tends to be treated appropriately.
If you think about it, this part of the part that is directly in contact with the ground is
Needless to say, it has a significant effect on the running feeling.

And it is quite fun to select this tire part and that.

The taste is completely different for each manufacturer and each product.

Weight, rolling resistance, strength, cushioning, grip / design, etc ...
Even if you say tires, the results will vary greatly depending on what you wear.

Each user has it
The harder is better, the softer, the better, the better, the better it is
It is a part that is easy to reflect strongly on such "preferences".

Especially for those who are enjoying the piste with fixed gear
For rear tires that are inevitably worn out than the front, we want to emphasize more strength.

So this tire is recommended today.

Continental Gatorskin ¥ 7,150 (Tax in)

Needless to say, King of Skid tire "Gater Skin".

A pleasant skid feeling brought by the hard tread unique to Continental
And above all, it has the strongest toughness that such a hard skider wants.

So how tough is it?
Seeing is noticeable at first glance, so here.

It is in a state where you can understand it at a glance from the viewpoint of those who know
From the perspective of those who do not know, I think it is "What is it!"

The tread (rubber layer on the tire surface) is completely peeled off due to wear
Even if the cassing (fiber part) inside is exposed, it is still not punctured. (On the verge of punk)

Normal tire casing has not been so sturdy
Punk before it looks like this.
* Given the safety and comfort of driving, it is better to replace it before this state.

That's why it's the strongest gator skin with toughness anyway.
Regarding the running part, it is hard and rebound.
It is one that you can feel more directly on the road surface.
If you value strength, durability, and cost performance, please choose this.

By the way, the pit is relatively empty at this time of the rainy season
Is it time for tires for the high season? I'm looking forward to it!


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