Which riser bar?


In today's blog, I would like to introduce "handle"!

This time, it is an introduction of the "riser bar", which is now available in the store!

It is a recommended form for those who are new to the piste bike, those who want to do tricks, and those who want to ride comfortably!

If you are considering the car body or are thinking about custom, please refer to it!

Photo of the photo Thomson Carbon Bar ¥ 22,000 (in tax)

Under the photo Bjorn × NOVACORONA CARBON BAR ¥ 24,200 (in tax)

The above is a carbon material riser bar! !

Because it is good for shock absorption, it will be less tired even with long rides!

By the way, recently, I changed to Bjone x NovaCorona carbon rizer!

Even if you do a trick, there is no problem in terms of strength! !

And next is the introduction of "Aluminum Rizer Bar"!

From the photo

Thomson Aluminum Bar ¥ 13,200 (in tax)

Engine11 × GODANDFAMOUS BAR ¥ 9,900 (in tax)

HUNTER CYCLES Nitto Smooth Move ¥ 11,880 (in Tax)

The above is all aluminum material!

The strength is higher than that of carbon! !

By the way, the difference between carbon and aluminum weight looks like this!

As an example, measured with "BJONE x NOVACORONA carbon rizer"!

It was 130g!

And when you measure "Thomson aluminum rizer",

Thomson aluminum rizer

270g! was!

Even with the handle alone, a difference in weight of 100g or more comes out! !

If you want to make it lighter, just make it a "carbon handle" and it will be much lighter! !

Aluminum is stronger, but now carbon is quite strong.

Why don't you choose one that suits you? ?

Ayumu the daddy.

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