If you were greedy for speed, astringency...

What do you prioritize when shopping?
price? Appearance? Performance?
It is easy to choose a fixie bike if you decide the priority according to your lifestyle.

But I can't choose that! There will be greedy.
If so, I recommend this one.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Basic Complete Bike

Dosnoventa with a lightweight and unique design is finished by combining high -tech parts and leather.
Comfortable and does not compromise on speed.
It is not interesting even if the fast chari is fast.
It's cool because it's fast and fast.

BROTURES F-55 X DT Swiss Track Hub Custom Wheel

Schwalbe Pro ONE

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar

Rotor Vegast Track Crank Set

Sella Italia Milano Flite "Bonnie"

The image of the frame does not break down, and it is one of the racing specifications that demanded speed.
It is absolutely more interesting to choose a fix.
If you don't want to compromise your lifestyle, two rabbits should follow.


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