Let's do something troublesome during the...

Only a few remaining in 2021.
Are you sure you have the year -end and New Year holidays?

If I always notice without doing anything, I will go to work the next day.
I feel wasteful.
I want to do something I can't usually do because I have time.
Let's love my car carefully this year.


At this time, I always recommend the bicycle cleaning.
Let's take care of your car that supported me this year's lifestyle for one year with gratitude.

The maintenance that can be done at home looks like this.

・ Tighten each bolt, check consumables
・ Cleaning gears and chains, lubrication
・ Overall cleaning

Anyone can do this with a small tool and chemical.
Those who want to be in time at the end of the year. Please click now.

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Spray bike

What about frame paint if you want to renew your mood more?
Spray.bike can be painted with DIY.

Spray. Bike/What is a spray bike?

It is a unique item that even amateurs can make framing.
Recently, the impression that we have been knowing before we propose and have been increasing.
Depending on the abundant color lineup and ideas, it turns into a single car in the world.

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It's interesting to try anything yourself.
A good memory to fail.
If you can't help it, BRTURES is open from 1/2, so please rush.

See you soon.

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