I don't seek efficiency from my hobbies

Is it a reaction that the world has become too convenient?
I really like the hassle and inefficient.

You can take beautiful pictures with your smartphone, but carry a manual focus focus' rugged film camera.
OB without chopping the short PAR4 with golf.
The ultimate likes fixie bikes.

I think I have this idea because I am that kind of me.
Who ride! I was born and raised and I was in Tokyo.
However, I have seen Oji who is riding such a motorcycle in the city, and it is a legitimate context of Japanese bicycle culture.
Including Oji -san, it is just like Nipponia Nippon in the bicycle world.
This must be known and protected by modern youth.

How I Roll "Champ" Public road practice specification ¥ 106,260-

It is a tribute to the so -called bicycle racer for public road practice.
If you use the bicycle race frame as it is, there is no art, or there are many restrictions and it is too hard to make it a hobby.
I don't want efficiency, but I like tied up play.
Speaking of which, I guess a bicycle race -like fixie is just in stock in the city riding design.

It is a custom updated for city riding while keeping the beauty and strength of the bicycle race.
A frame that can be attached to the brake firmly, a clincher with a lot of pads and tires.
Still, it is a sufficiently hard and geeky fixie bike. It's already a click.

I don't want all the Japanese people to ride.
But I hope that one number of people who sympathize with this pistoles and origin will increase.
Look at it as beautiful, and get on whenever you want to die.
I don't need to ride every day, and I think it makes sense to have that option.
Is that a hobby like that?


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