A frame that is all different but does no...

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Recently, there are many aluminum frames delivered, and I think that the presence of this guy is slightly fading.

It is a chromoly frame of characteristic design and coloring that can be seen by looking at the single -lens, so it is LOPRO.

There is no other presence of this overwhelming pashute.

Just yesterday, Fujimoto was rose on the crank on YouTube Live.

This frame, which has always existed as a brand image since ancient times, is always popular.

I have ordered such a frame recently.

Moreover, it was flashy, and I personally saw a custom that has been colored so far.

That's here.

When I saw this custom, I thought "I don't have any gacha"

The front hub and the rear hub are different colors and the head parts are different, and there are no links to the clamps.

I think it's thanks to this frame that looks so different even though it's so different.

The logo is put in a green like a neon based on a dark blue on a fluffy blue.

This is a rough technique that can only be done by this Mutant Blue.

I think this is another good sample.

Then, let's check and check it.

The front and rear wheels are hand -assembled with Belgium of Hed.

The hub is pilwood, the front is blue roiland and the rear is purple roasted.

In this rim, the last arrival of today is miraculous, and the number of arrivals is announced to the Instagram.

The real pleasure of chromoly frame, upgrading head parts.

A pressure -type headset is often used for the chromoly frame.

If it is a pressed type, the rotation and durability are determined by the accuracy of the headset regardless of the frame, so it is a must to make it good.

Chris King is a brand that you can think of as KING in the headset world.

If you get lost, if you choose this one, you will be able to turn around for 10 years.

And one more important part in the fixie is a crank.

Sugino 75 DD2 is included.

Although the standard is a classic appearance, the standard is a direct crank, a good crank.

Of course, it looks good on slender frames like LOPRO, and it looks good on the mainstream aluminum frame.

It is the most luxury crank set now.

How was it.

Other parts are all good brands such as Nitto, Thomson, and SRAM.

As expected, it is the third unit, and I think this is the way to make it because you know the parts.

I want you to run here with a different look.

We are waiting for maintenance again!

Frame: Affinity Lopro Frame Set 97,900-INTAX

Rim: Hed. Belgium rim -28,600 -INTAX


Headset: CHRIS KING NTS 1inch Headset ¥ 24,200-INTAX

Stem: Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 12,100-INTAX

Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 12,100-INTAX

Crank: Sugino75 DD2 Crank Set ¥ 102,300-INTAX


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