If I straddle this champ.

Hello everyone. It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

How I Roll Champ "Brotures Limited" released the other day

Did you already see videos created according to the release?

The Harajuku store staff Yuma also appeared in the video created this time, so if you haven't seen it yet, please check it here.


Speaking of CHAMP, it is a body that gains popularity from many people because it is a design that reproduces the bicycle race frame and a slender and beautiful frame like chromoly.

In particular, it's actually Champ's popularity that people want to start a fixie bike.

In terms of price range, it is easy to pick up, it is not attractive to the frame that is made with a piste bike, and the frame that is made firmly.

Of course, I am one of the people who knew the charm of CHAMP.

How Iroll Champ x Brotures Limited Completed Car ¥ 93,500-Tax included

BLACK appeared as a limited color of BROTURES this time.

But I want you to see it well.

It's not just a BLACK, but countless glitter is scattered in the frame paint.

This color was quite a key point for CHAMP, which reproduces the bicycle race frame!

CHAMP has a lot of color lineups that are quite flashy, and calm BLACK is a popular color that sells out as soon as it appears.

There is no doubt that such a popular BLACK has become even cooler by collaborating with Broturs!

And here is the custom car body that I would ride this attractive champ like this.

I would customize this champ this time by summarizing the Black parts!

That said, not all parts to Black, but the cranks, stems, and seat post triangles are assembled in silver parts!

The CHAMP, which is a collaboration model this time, is sometimes made with a bicycle racing frame.

It is a relatively rare assembly for a relatively completed car, with all parts are standard and silver parts.

But my mood is not so. smile

If you like this slender and beautiful chromoly frame, the combination of Black x Brown is cool.

So, choose a Black thing on the wheels before and after, which is the main part of the custom!


First of all, I will introduce from the rim of the wheel used this time.

BLACK is the parts that I wanted to mainly create glossy Black in Black.

The white arrow stood was the WIVER of the original aluminum rim.

This rim with an alumite processing is quite rare, which can handle up to 42c.

Because it is a wide rim, I used it for Champ this time, but it goes well with Angelino or Legacy!

The only hub that matches the rim to such aluminum is PHIL.

When using the hub of PHIL WOOD, it is unusual durability, and the more you run, the more familiar you run,

It features a bearing that can create your own running taste.

It is important to select the parts, but this time more important is

Like WIVER, the hub paint is performed by part -time processing.

If you are concerned, I want to stick to the details.

If a wheel is perfect for the driving performance, and the meaning of making the wheels is firmly involved,

The true value of a hand -assembled wheel should be born!

Nitto for Shred Bar

The next custom parts are the handle.

One of the other features of this collaboration model is Chamo, which usually has a normal drop handle.

It is a short flat bar setting.

If you are going through the city, a short flat bar is perfect.

But I don't go so much, and I'm thinking about the stability of the handling and how I can run roughly with my shoulders.

The perfect handle for me is Nitto for Shred Bar.

I'm riding a fixie bike on a daily basis, but honestly, if I was told how to handle it was careful,

It is relatively rough. Lol (Of course, it's a miscellaneousness after loving the car body !!)

Because I do such a rough hand, the handle is scratched.

Still, if you have the toughness unique to for SHRED BAR, it will be a scratch.

Durable power that you can dedicate the best of toughness while you have been using it for a long time!

Regarding the running comfort, it is of course an excuse because it is a handle that was born based on development research and test drive tests for many years.

This handle is worth trying once with an exquisite height of 25mm, 6 degrees upsweeps, and 3 degrees back to a slightly backed back to the front. must.

Actually, I will introduce the small parts brown parts that match the Black parts!

Saddle, tires, grip.

The above three parts are custom to BROWN!

It is a popular combination of Black x BROWN and many customers who are actually customized, but this method is highly recommended personally.

Especially to bring out the classical expression of the chromoly frame, it's a perfect combination!

If you are already riding a chromoly, how about a custom to come across a new expression of your car? ? ?

I was a little rushed, but how was the custom introduction of Champ that appeared as "Brotures Limited" this time?

What I felt further was the overwhelming charm hidden in this collaboration car body.

Depending on the rider and the person you assemble, each way is to convey the charm, but I think that it is finished in the car body that is definitely good to choose, so if you are looking for a piste bike, please come, B.

How about considering BROTURES LIMITED CHAMP?

Then we look forward to your inquiry from your heart!


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